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          The series of the butterfly valves can be applied to food, drink, medicine, chemical industry, industrial environmental protection water treatment, high building water supply and drainage, etc., used to start or stop or adjust medium flow quantity.
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          Serial trunnion ball valves are mainly applied to natural gas,oil products,chemical engineering,metallurgy,city building,environment protection,pharmacy and food industries,among which the anti-sulphur searies are used for long delivery pipes of natural gas that contains hydrogen sulphide medium,a lot of impurity and corrosive substances.
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          ANSI cast steel globe valves are used to cut or connect the pipe media in Class150~2500 and working temperature≤600℃, in oil industry, chemical industry, fossil-fired power plants.
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          The best and the ideal device for truncated media in oil,natural gas and LPG
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          The series of Parallel single-disc gate valves have diversion hole, no-diversion hole and adjustment structure formations which are applied to natural gas, oil products, chemical engineering, city construction and environment protection industries. The anti-sulphur product series are fit for high speed long delivery pipeline of seriously eroded natural gas which contains H2S medium and much impurity.
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          Flange & Butt-welding ends swing check valves are used in pipes under pressures between Class 150~900Lb, working temperatures between -29~570℃, they are used in industries include oil, chemistry, pharmaceutical, fertilizer, and power generation to prevent the backward flux of the media.
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