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        Gate Valve



        Products Design Features
        1. The valve body has two structures of casting and welding. The short non-diversion hole flat gate valve adopts welding structure, which is short in length, light-weighted and specially fit for devices demanding light weight.
        2. The floating seat structure makes it possible to seal both director of the valve.
        3. The valve seat sealing adopts double-seals. PTFE can remove granule ad dirties to ensure a perfect sealing.
        4. Hard sealing surface is build-up welded on sealing surface with cobalt base stellite which results in a hardness of HRC44-52 to ensure sealing reliability.
        5. Valve with diversion hole, either full-open or full-open or full-closed, the disc will be kept in contact with seat so that the sealing surface will not be washed out directly by mediums and the valve will become more durable.
        6. The fire-resistant design of the valve complies with API 6Fa and API 607 standards. As for valves applied to hydrocarbon liquids and oil gas pipelines, to the carry these out standards will fulfill firefighting tasks.
        7. When the valve is in full-opening, the passage is a straight pipeline with small fluid resistance coefficient and little pressure loss. It can be cleaned by passing a wool ball.
        8. The valve has got a automatic pressure relief device which can ensure operation security.
        9. The valve adopts full-shut structure which has good protection function and can be used in all weather.

        Flow characteristic
        The flow characteristic of flat gate valves with a diversion hole is equal to that of pipelines of the same specification. The characteristic is shown in per centum form. As for valves without a diversion hole its cavity fly span is smaller than that of wedge gate vales and it is a regular cylindrical object, therefore, characteristics of the valves are similar except that they have a larger pressure loss. Besides, their flux adjustment behavior is better than that of the ones with a diversion hole.

        Standard Criteria: ASME/ANSI/API 

        Performance & Dimensions

        Standard Criterial:  ASME/ANSI/API

        Pressure Rating:Class150~Class900

        Valve Size: 25 mm~ 1000 mm 1”~40”

        Actuator: Bevel Gear  Electric  Handwheel  Hydraulic  Pneumatic

        ConnectionButt Welding Flange

        MediumCorrosive MediumNatural gasOil Petroleum

        Medium Temperature -196~550

        Structural styleLifter (visibal bar)parallel rigid single-slid 

        ConstructionFeature Construction, Electricity, General Industrial, Municipal Oil and Gas Production Petrochemical, Power Station 

        Blow Down Stopple: A276-304 A276-420
        rease Injection Joint A105

        Body Material A216 WCB

        DiscA276-304 A276-410


        Packing Seat PTFE

        Spacer Ring A276-420


        Indicating Finger A276-420

        Gasket B12.10-304/F.G

        BonnetA216 WCB

        Stud A193-B7

        NutA194 2H

        YokeA216 WCB

        Yoke NutC95500

        Gland A105

        Hand Wheel A536-60-40-18

        Indicating Cover A105

        Design Standard API 6D ASME B 16.34

        Connection Standard ASME B 16.25 ASME B 16.5 MSS SP-44

        Test Standard API 598 API 6D JB/T 9092-1999

        Face to Face API 598 API 6D


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