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        The development present situation and the latest trends of the industry product valve

        A, domestic and international valve market characteristics

        Valve from the market point of view, there are two main:

        1, the domestic market, the domestic market is divided into new, expansion project market, market of old device repair, renovation project.

        From two market point of view, a serious oversupply of ordinary valves, and secondly,even between enterprises of the pressure Yang, disorderly competition,counterfeit...... , market is very non-standard, resulting in some of the valvemanufacturing enterprises in the fierce competition, a significant loss year after year.From two market demand, along with the development and improvement of the market economy, especially the progress of the World Trade Organization (WTO),the changes in the market is more and more big, enterprises more and more deeplyinfluenced by market, the more users of the market increasing demand for products,the demand for product development, production cycle more and more short.

        2, the foreign market. The foreign market is very active in recent years, the competition is fierce. East Asia and Southeast Asia valve import and export growth is rapid, sustained development in developed countries such as North America markettrade between the European community, Germany, Italy, Japan and other countries and regions, Chinese increasing exports of high-speed growth, USA, Britain, France and other countries imported, forming a supporting point, the international valve market prosperity and, due to the world further economic internationalization, Multi-National Corporation will continue to promote the development of the international valve market, international trade area is to become another major feature complete.

        Two, the domestic market

        China's valve production of three home is about more than 2300, can provide thevalve products have several categories, more than 3500 varieties, more than 40000 specifications.

        (1) city building valve: urban systems generally use low pressure valves, are currently being environmentally friendly and energy-saving direction. Environment friendlyplastic sheet valve, balance valve and the center line butterfly valve, metal sealed butterfly valve is gradually replaced by low iron gate. Domestic city building needed more valves for balance valve, soft seal gate valve, butterfly valve.

        (2) city heating valve: City on behalf of the thermal system, which requires large amounts of metal sealing butterfly valve, balance valve and the level of direct buried ball valve, valve solution for this type of pipeline vertical, horizontal hydraulicimbalance, to achieve energy saving, on behalf of the heat balance purposes.

        (3) the environmental protection with the valve: the domestic environmental protection system, the main use the center line butterfly valve, soft seal gate valve,ball valve, water supply system, the exhaust valve (used to exclude the air pipe).Sewage disposal system is mainly required soft sealing gate valve, butterfly valve.

        (4) city gas valves: City gas accounted for the entire natural full market 22%, a large amount of the valve, its type is also more. The main ball valve, plug valve, need the pressure reducing valve, safety valve.

        (5) the long pipeline with valve: long-distance pipeline is mainly crude oil, finished and no natural pipeline. The majority of such amount to the pipeline valve is a three body forged steel full bore ball valve, anti sulfur flat gate valve, safety valve, check valve.

        (6) valve for petrochemical device:

        A, refinery, oil refining device with valve mostly pipe valves, mainly valve, globe valve,check valve, safety valve, ball valve, butterfly valve, drain valve, wherein, the valve to be accounted for about 80% of the total number of the valve (valve device,accounting for 3%~5% of total investment).

        B, chemical equipment, chemical products are polyester, acrylic, PVA three categories. Ball valve, the required valve jacketed valve (jacket ball valve, gate valve,the jacket jacketed valve).

        C, acrylonitrile apparatus. The device generally required API standard productionvalve, mainly valve, cut-off valve, check valve, ball valve, drain valve, needle valve,plug valve, which valve, gate valve accounted for about 75% of the total.

        D, synthetic ammonia device. Since the original ammonia and purification methods different, the different process is also different, the required technical performance of the valve. At present, the main domestic ammonia plant needed valve, cut-off valve,check valve, butterfly valve, ball valve, drain valve, diaphragm valve, regulating valve,needle valve, safety valve, high temperature valves. The cut-off valve with the valvedevice, the total data of 53.4%, accounted for 25.1% of the hydrophobic valve gate valve, safety valve accounted for 7.7%, accounted for 2.4%, and from low temperature valve regulating valve and other accounts for 11.4%.

        E, ethylene, ethylene unit is the leading petroleum chemical device, the requiredvalve wide range. Gate valve, globe valve, check valve, lift rod ball the majority, which leads to valve. The "fifteen" plan, the country also needs to build an annual output of 660000 tons of ethylene device 6 sets, the valve demand considerable. In addition,large-scale ethylene and high pressure polyethylene device needs to use ultra-high temperature, the more low temperature and high pressure valve product line.

        F, air separation device. "That is, air separation air separation", the device mainly need to use the cut-off valve, safety valve, check valve, ball valve, butterfly valve,regulating valve, cryogenic valves.

        G, polypropylene, polypropylene is easy to propylene as raw materials, polymeric compound polymerized by, need to use the main gate valve, globe valve of thedevice, check valve, needle valve, ball valve, drain valve.

        (7) power plant with the valve: China power station construction forward direction of large-scale development, so need to use large diameter and high pressure safety valve, pressure reducing valve, globe valve, gate valve, butterfly valve, emergency shutoff valve and flow control valve, a spherical sealing instrument valve, (according to the national "fifteen" plan, in addition to Inner Mongolia, Guizhou two also can be built more than 200000 kilowatts unit, other provinces and cities can only be builtunits 300000 kilowatts and above).

        (8) metallurgical valves: Metallurgical alumina industry need to use the main abrasion resistant slurry valve (in flow valve), adjust the trap. Steel industry is mainly required metal sealing ball valve, butterfly valve, ball valve and oxidation as flash and four way reversing valve.

        (9) sea level combined valve

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