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        High pressure large caliber all welded ball valve successfully trial produced

        In October 2, 2012, Shanghai high pressure valve Limited by Share Ltd trial of 40 inch,pressure 900Lb caliber all welded ball valve smoothly through the pressure seal,hydraulic seals and intensity of three tests, the successful development of. The workfrom the project to the final success of the trial, and after 7 months, the group and the leadership of the company pays great attention to the work to provide great support,the company various departments cooperate with each other closely, trial production group members of the serious, hard-working, overcome a hurdle after another. The one-time success throughout the trial work, fully demonstrated the courage to innovateon the valve, enterprising spirit. Large diameter all welded ball valve is the need of the future development of Shanghai high pressure valve of Limited by Share Ltd, is the need of the market, its successful trial, demonstrated in the industry of Shanghai high pressure valve Limited by Share Ltd technology research and development strength,improve product structure, enhance the market competitiveness of products, Shanghaihigh pressure valve new Limited by Share Ltd across the playing the good foundation

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